Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I haven't been very good about updating lately. I've been pretty busy. I'm working on that book still. I also got a call from Recycled Paper Greetings last week. They want to do a test with seven of my cards in Target stores. I finished them up and sent them out today. I'm really hoping they sell well. How well they do affects how many cards of mine RPG will carry. The image above is from one of the cards I sent them. I also cut my hours back at my day job again today. I want some free time. It feels like all I do is work then do house work. On the plus side I ran 22 minutes yesterday and can still walk today. I want to be able to run 30 min before I join the running club with Karly. I'm getting close and I feel great. My knees barely hurt and I've lost about three pounds. I feel very determined in my get-in-shape plan and career track.

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Jessica Wong said...

This will look really great as greeting cards! Hope you could post more illustrations of the greeting cards you designed. I'm looking forward!