Tuesday, June 06, 2006


This is a quick portrait of the girl that was shot last night in a drive by just down the street from my house. She was hit in the neck. My husband is an army medic and he rushed to the scene and held her head until the ambulance arrived. She told him she was four months pregnant.

I don't understand things like this. Why shoot innocent people? Why shoot anyone at all? In all irony the shooting occurred at the corner of Martin Luther King Park. Martin Luther King, the man who lead a people in a great movement of non-violence and unity. It is a shame that his legacy is that the places named for him witness violence and murder among the very people he sought to bring to greatness. The world needs another Martin Luther King, someone to breathe hope in to the dying youth of our urban streets. Someone to promise them a future that is not lying on the pavement in a pool of blood.


ks said...

so sad, so sorry I am. very touching drawing

kj said...

christy, how troubling this must have been for you and your husband. tragic and senseless events cast a sad cover over everything.

the world is not at a good place. i'm not totally pessimistic but there's surely cause for concern. i wish our country were a moral leader, but i don't see it that way at all. and yet, there are so many good good people. i think it's important we/they find and support eachother--kind of like a good-person underground railroad.

i hope the shooting was isolated.

best wishes,


Amy Zaleski said...

What a horrible tragedy ~ please tell me the woman and her baby survived. Your husband is one of the good people out there making a difference. I wish there were more like him to balance out the craziness. I do like your line drawing even if it made me sad.

the heartful blogger said...

What a tragic story. Your drawing is such a moving antidote to the violence, the innocence of the dogs being drawn to the girl. Really moving.

di gigi said...

great job!!!