Friday, November 14, 2008


I don't mind the spooks
The creeps or the weird.
I don't mind shivering or
Shaking 'cause I' scared.
I don't mind the heeby jeebies
If the light come on in the end.
I'm ok with ghost stories 
As long as they are pretend. 



very cute and so clever :)

Carli said...

great illustration. I love the shadowy monster

cathleen said...

Very nice illustration. I especially like the shadow.

The sheep makes me sad and nervous.

sandra.d. said...

so cute illo, i like it! ;]

INDIGENE said...

What a lovely narrative and the image is great! This looks like a great tale!

SENTA said...

Me too!! That sheep is just soooo cute...Turn on the light!

Fourborne said...

This is very cute. I love the shadow monster.