Friday, March 04, 2011

Who's Afraid of the Dark?

Trendy Tykes has just released their Monster Jammerz™line of kids PJs and stuffed toys based on my monster designs. Check it out!
It's no secret that your little one can get uptight from things that go BUMP in the night. So is it any wonder they may need a special friend and protector at bedtime?

Meet Razz, Umphf, and Gurt. Soft, cuddly, cute little Monster Jammerz™ these three brave and fearless monster fighters keep ghosts and goblins away. Loved by kids, feared by monsters, Monster Jammerz™are just the thing for a happy bedtime.

All three Monster Jammerz™ re lovable plush toys, full of magic and soon to become your child's best friend and protector.

Available as individual stuffed toys or as part of a toy and pajama set. Monster Jammerz™toys and clothing will make your little one happier and feel more secure at bedtime, or anytime.

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